Friday, December 16, 2011

Agents of the Ahnenerbe: Red & Wulf

One of Frau Totenkinder's oldest extensions, possibly back to the stone age, is Wolf.
A force born of mankind's fear of the natural world around them, Wolf, sometimes known as Big Bad Wolf, and now identified simply as code name Wulf, is the most dangerous of Frau Totenkinder's minions.

Some may mistake him for a werewolf, but such underestimation will only hasten their demise.

His howl can freeze men in their tracks.  His breath can blow a tempest, sending debris blasting out like a gigantic shotgun, and he is unimaginably fast and strong.

Wulf is accompanied by Red, the most recent human soul grafted to his expression by Frau Totenkinder.

Now an ally of the Wolf, she aids him with covering fire and as an energy pool.
Their symbiotic nature is only fully comprehended by Totenkinder of course, but the soldiers of the Ahnenerbe give her a wide berth of fear and respect.

On to the pictures...

Armed with a compact Light Machine Gun, she's much to be feared in her own right. 

Click for larger image.

The duo:


Spacejacker said...

Another worthy addition to this project, very nicely done!

Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! This is my favourite project to date, but then there was the B.L.A. not to mention the Bloodbowl work! Great work nonetheless and I love the basing on Wulf.

Bill said...

I'd love to see the stats on the characters and minions to better understand how they relate. Nice work.

Laughing Ferret said...

Thanks guys!

The campaign-proper starts in January. The supernatural rules just got rewritten, and after Friday's test we realized summoned zombies' rule needs reworking, but it's all very close- so soon I'll be using those new rules to cement my characters' traits & abilities, then I'm hoping to make some character cards and can update with those.

Derek said...

The red really pops on that fig, it really adds to the whole team. I love it. Consider that stolen!

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