Monday, December 26, 2011

Leatherhead Troll is Painted: Converted Warploque Troll for Blood Bowl

I finished painting my converted Troll for Blood Bowl.

Such a nice sculpt from Warploque that I almost didn't have the heart to convert him.

I wasn't sure about the color for the shirt.. i was thinking brown, since he'll probably end up on my 'Hobgoblin' team, which I'd been thinking would have brown uniforms- but brown didn't seem right for him- so I went with black for the contrast.  I almost painted a black & white check along the bottom of the shirt, but it's so torn & tattered I think the impression would have got lost.   Plus I'd had in mind recently to paint a team with black & ivory uniforms... the local Blood Bowl league starts in early January, but I can't play test the hobgoblins.. so maybe I thought I'd paint up the 2nd edition orcs for it.. but then do I keep the team 2nd edition and use the 2nd edition troll? or this guy who I think is light years better?  Indecision. I'd also thought about making a Chaos Pact team.. he'd make a good troll for that...

So not sure yet which team he'll find a home on, but here he is :

Click for a larger view.

I'm entering him in the December painting challenge on TalkFantasyFootball.. wish him luck! 


Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! The subtle colouring on the face is really tremendous; good luck in the competition.

Chris said...

He looks great, if you wanted to add some checkered stripes to his jersey I would suggest them along the seam between the torso and sleeves.

Tael said...

Gorgeous work as usual :)

Warp's pieces are great and look superb next to Kev Adams goblins.

Particularly like the reddened features.

- Tael.

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