Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guessing Game: 2nd Hint

Congrats to Alfrik, Michael Awdry & Nazgob for guessing on the right track: the project is indeed a Blood Bowl team.  - Leave it to Bill to put yet another epic-goof idea in my head.. now I'm thinking about Hampster armies..

What remains is to determine what the team & theme is. No fair just guessing them all!

Here is the next mini-hint:

Know yet?
Commence Guessing!

In the mean-time I can now show you more of the bear, since you know he's for Blood Bowl now:

Still some smoothing to do on tje back of the shoulder pad & strap, maybe with some fur going over the strap a bit. 


Bill said...

Very Pan looking, Something Fae. My guess would be Wood Elves except they don't really have the roster to support a bear. Have they changed the lists again? Is there a new Faerie list? I would love to see the "Wild Hunt" as front line with the Horned Man as Quarterback.

Michael Awdry said...

Mmmm, the plot thickens! How about a team from Narrnia? Not sure how you could use the wardrobe!

Brummie said...

Chronicles of Narnia is my guess

Laughing Ferret said...

Wow, you guys are good!

The theme is indeed Narnia- I thought this figure might confuse it a bit... she's actually part insect, not a Satyr/Fawn.. though the bend of the legs and the antennae have the same impression as a Satyr.

Bills idea would make for a fun team too.
To answer your question, Wood elves roster hasn't changed in years: linemen, catchers, thrower, wardancer & up to 1 Treeman. They did slow the potential of catchers down some: reduced move from 9 to 8 but gave them sprint- so they can still move the same distance as a Gutter Runner, but they need 3 go for its instead of 2. Also means the only chance of a 1 turn scorer wood elf catcher is if he gets 2 move boosts.

So you now know it is a Narnia themed Blood Bowl team, only one question remains: What Roster is it based on?

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