Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leatherhead Troll: Blood Bowl Conversion W.I.P.

I'd planned on converting a troll for my 'Hobgoblin' Blood Bowl team for awhile now, and this month's Talk Fantasy Football painting challenge is for a Big Guy, so seemed like good timing.  This is a terribly busy month however: holiday travel, a couple commissions on deadline and working on some test pieces for a possible very large army for January/February.. so we'll see if it can be done.  Even with a lot of work projects, I still try to do a bit for myself, to cleanse the pallet, relax and all that.

I selected the 'Hill Troll' from Warploque Miniatures (You'll find a link to the left under 'Places to Go').

This is a great troll with a lot of character.  I used the river troll for my Underworld team, so I am looking forward to my second troll from Warploque.  The pose is ideal for Blood Bowl: a three-point stance:
Look at him!  He's just so very cool. 

I'd be happy to use him just like he is, but I thought I'd 'Blood Bowl' him up a bit.  

To dedicate him to a life on the pitch, he'd need a helmet. But the Hobgoblins I'm going to use are the new Greebo ones, and they have some soft caps, so I decided he'd have to have an old fashioned 'Leatherhead' Leather Helmet.  Leatherheads is an awesome funny movie by the way, worth seeing.  I made a couple of these helmets before on the Undead Recyler team, and figured it'd be good for a troll, who probably wouldn't fit his large misshapen head into a standard helmet.  He'd also need a couple armor pads. 

Here he is at the moment:

I'm probably going to add a torn, stretched jersey.. something that looks like it's Black orc sized that he's tried to squeeze into. 

What do you think? 

I like this miniature so much I had to buy a second one, while Warploque has it's Holiday special going on (free shipping) since as much as i like this conversion so far I also want to have him as he was meant to be- so i'll paint him up in all his nekkid glory for a Mordheim/Songs of Blades & Heroes warband. 

More to come!


Dangerous Brian said...

What do I think? I think it looks magnificent. Can't wait to see the finished version.

The Angry Lurker said...

He really is "Fonz" cool......

Michael Awdry said...

Fantastic my good Sir! Can't wait to see how the shirt is going to work. Good luck.

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