Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Apes are a Go! But it aint over yet!

Not long ago I posted about the epic plan for primate predominance, the 'Apes of Wrath' kickstarter for an all-Ape Blood Bowl team by Three Die Block, Zlurpcast & Impact! Miniatures.

Can you think of anything better for Christmas?

It was looking like it might fall short with just a few days left, but then a single backer jumped in for the big boy pledge of $900 ... that's a real ape enthusiast right there! I could only commit to the $68 package myself... and put the total in striking range, less than $100 of target, but as of this morning the full $4,500 has been reached!

But there is still 3 days to go before the kickstarter shuts down, and you can still get in as a Pongid Promoter and say you were there before the project evolved.  As added incentive, I half-jokingly commented on Talk Fantasy Football that if it reached $5,000 then Chance should get an Ape tattoo... his reply?

Post subject: Re: APES of WRATH - by 3DB, Zlurpcast and Impact! Reply with quote
Pitch Invader wrote:
3 days left & $34 to go? looks like you made it!

it stays up for the full time though- I think if you get to $5,000 then Chance is compelled to get an Ape Tattoo! :orc:

I would do this. No joke.

So what do you say? Give the apes a proper send off and get a Homo sapien some ink... make use of all that hairless skin!

Support the Apes here.
See details on the project in my first post on them here.

Ape taking on a Kroxigor on the pitch:

I was going to embed the classic, but YouTube prevents it.. but click to go there to see it, it's, well.. classic.


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