Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monkey Pirate!

In January the local every other Wednesday group is starting up a Legends of the High Seas league.
I dug out a bunch of old Foundry pirates I got ... yikes.. 10 years ago? Stripped the ones that had some paint and re-based them.

I think I'll be running a Privateer force... though for the life of me I don't see the advantage... Pirates have good morale and are cheep, Royal Navy gets good marines and can have bayonets. Privateers? lower morale, and more expensive mercs since they're good at shooting and a higher strength... but if you're shooting you're not using the strength, if you're in combat for the strength you're not shooting.. so I don't know what I'm supposed to make of the roster, but I've always liked the idea of privateers, plus the list does have a cabin boy!

Which got me to thinking about adding a mini to the force.. Reaper makes a 'Goblin Pirate' that I have always liked, and I had it in mind to convert him into a Monkey Pirate!

Here is the Reaper mini:

There is a monkey behind him, but I want the goblin to be a monkey... 

Easy conversion: 

1.  Clip and round those pointed ears. 
2.  Build up a face muzzle with green stuff and redefine a nose. 
3.  Drill his backside (OK I've tried a few ways to say this and they all sound a bit naughty) and put a wire in it, bend and dip the end of the wire into liquid Green Stuff.  -Normally i'd use regular Green Stuff, but since I recently picked up a pot of Liquid to try it out, it's perfect for this: Dip & done. 

Here he is:

A curious fellow the crew picked up off the coast of Sumatra... 
is he a monkey? An oddly formed young man? A Monkey man? 

OK, so I've used this song once before... but it's even more appropriate now, and besides- it's not like you can listen to this song too much! 



Michael Awdry said...

Brilliant! Love that new liquid green stuff, even I can use it!

Brummie said...

Looks good. Is he finished apart from paint?

Will have to investigate this liquid green stuff err stuff

Laughing Ferret said...

Liquid Green Stuff seems pretty good for gap filling or a simple coat like on the monkey tail.

Brummie: Yep, he's all set except for painting. the monkey face will be easier to see with paint.

Alfrik said...

Hairless arms?

Laughing Ferret said...

hmm.. hadn't thought about the arms. could sculpt some hair on them, or paint it as hairy. probably could sculpt some hair for them

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